Photo Gallery #1

These are images date from the beginning of the railway to June 1999.

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First Train My Merlin Mayflower, restored to health by Tag Gorton and now named "CLIFDEN," hauling the inaugural train on the West Clare Extension. To get some sense of how the railway's evolved, the two images below are of the same stretch of the line, taken over the following three years. Also see this image, a recreation of this image taken 12/31/99. 
A battery powered tram from Perfect World on test on the Extension drifting down Black Hill towards Lahinch. Awaiting paint and nameplates, she's a powerful, smooth-running little critter. Here she's pulling a few opens built from Brandbright kits and a Welshpool & Llanfair brake van from Garden Railway Specialists.
The Extension's newly-acquired inspection railcar making a surprise visit at Quilty.  (This station has since disappeared, given that it was about two feet from where Moyasta Junction now sits).  You can be sure the inspector was livid about the barrel blocking the emergency exit on the near side of the station house!  The vehicle is a scale model of the railcar originally built by the T&D; inherited by CIE, it was used on all the narrow gauge lines, but it came to be based on the West Clare and was scrapped at Ennis after closure.

PERCY with Rineen in the background prepares to tackle Black Hill.
Rineen was quiet on this bitter and snowy day.
In much nicer weather, CATHARINE hauls a goods train into the newly resituated Lahinch station.
CATHARINE again, running through a newly-forested section between Rineen and Lahinch.
The West Clare lives again! SLIEVE CALLAN and a string of SCR open wagons built by John Foley roll through the wild countryside between Rineen and Lahinch.
A close-up of one of John's wagons. Beautifully modelled, and they run very nicely as well.