Photo Gallery #4

These images were taken between April 2004 and January 2005. As always, click on the thumbnail to see the larger picture, and use your browser's BACK button to return to this page.
"Clifden" with a rake of small coaches; the last two were bilt from kits from Allan Bull of C&W Kits, with running gear from Binnie Engineering.
Lady Edith with a pair of four-wheeled LGB coaches fresh from the shops in the new WCGR livery of Krylon Red Primer.  Looks much more appropriate than out-of-the-box green, I think.
Lady Edith running past Rineen with an early summer goods train.
The same train running north of Lahinch through a field of thyme and sedum.
Aberfoyle heading towards Lahinch in nearly the same location as above--a favorite spot for the local rail photographers..
Lady Edith with a mixed train approaching Moyasta Junction.
Slieve Callan hauling a goods train through the junction heading towards Kilkee.  This photo captures the massiveness of the engine nicely.
Lady Edith again with a goods train following a light snowfall.

"Percy" at the head of the New Year's Day goods train, heading north from Rineen.

"Percy" heading south through the forest later in the day.