Photo Gallery #5

These images were taken between January and November 2005. As always, click on the thumbnail to see the larger picture, and use your browser's BACK button to return to this page.
"Clifden" usually works the varnish, but was called upon to work a ballast train on this particular afternoon.  The skips are from LGB which I've repainted and am weathering/rusting up as an on-going project.
A little Hudson diesel (built by JD Models) is seen here with a short permanent way train.  Huddy isn't very fast or particularly powerful, but it's a nice little critter.
Slieve Callan was called to work the morning goods train on this early spring morning.
Aberfoyle and the six-wheeled Swilly coach crest the grade from Rineen and approach Lahinch.
Moving quickly, the photographer was able to move to the far end of the platform to capture this image of Aberfoyle drifting to a halt at Lahinch.
Slieve Callan approaches Moyasta Junction.
The steam exhaust hangs in the air as Lady Edith runs through the woods on the climb from Rineen to Lahinch on a brisk morning in early spring.
It's now early summer and Lady Edith is leaving the triangle at Moyasta on her way towards Kilkee.
There's a flurry of activity on the platform as the mixed train arrives at Kilkee.
"Clifden" took the tourist train for the July 4th special service this year.
Slieve Callan ran the Heritage Train; management naturally charges a hefty premium for this train.
Approaching Lahinch from the north with a late afternoon mixed train.
With the coming of autumn the sun is low in the sky and the shadows are long, but Slieve Callan is still up to the task as she handles the afternoon goods train, seen here approaching Moyasta Junction from the north.
Slieve Callan has arrived at Lahinch but nobody seems to be in any particular hurry to board the train.  Perhaps they noticed the engine crew slipping off down the road for a bit of refreshment at Kenny's.  Another typical afternoon on the WCGR.
Hoping to boost passenger revenues, management decided to re-open several previously closed halts and sent out a team to conduct a feasibility study.  They arrived at Willbrook to discover that a local farmer has been engaging in a bit of creative re-use of the infrastructure.  The team leader has sent his somewhat tentative subordinate to deal with the problem while the driver of the railcar watches vastly amused and glad that his job description doesn't include cattle wrangling.