Links To Some Interesting Sites

Here are some useful links on my favorite topics. Not an exhaustive list, but it should be enough to keep you surfing for a while, and all are good jump-off points.

Live Steam / Large Scale / Model Railroading

The ultimate source of information for all aspects of live steam railroading in the smaller scales. Check out the site, then subscribe! You won't regret it. NEW LINK.  The group,  based in the U.K., devoted to the modelling of narrow gauge prototypes in 16mm scale on 32 mm track, the most common of these being the Welsh two-foot gauge railways.  While I don't fit into their usual membership profile, I became a member a while ago and haven't regretted it for a moment.  Their magazine, distributed to the membership four times a year, is an invaluable resource.  Their web site is developing nicely, and is well worth a visit. Engineer and model maker. A skilled builder of locomotives in the garden scales, he is presently dedicating his talents to a series of American logging locos for Catatonk Locomotive Works (go to Steam in the Garden On-Line for current information). Mike's site has color photos of some of his other projects. The online catalog of Roundhouse Engineering. If their catalog doesn't tempt you, then you're certifiably immune to the live steam bug. A dealer of various lines of live steam locos and some neat battery powered stuff. An especially useful source for North Americans interested in 16 mm scale / 32 mm gauge railways. One of the largest suppliers to the hobby in the U.K. and possibly the world. They stock live steam locomotives, LGB, and their own extensive line of narrow gauge kits, modifications (mostly based on the Lehman line), buildings, and details. Their entire catalog seems to be on-line. I've found their overseas service to be quite satisfactory, especially on items in stock. They accept credit cards for payment, and are available for consultation by phone, fax, or e-mail. A British firm, manufacturers not only of the West Clare Extension's wonderful battery tram but also a number of pieces of rolling stock (both kit and RTR), as well as detail bits in both resin and white metal. Their on-line catalog is well worth a look or two if you're interested in the world of the British narrow gauge. Another British firm who make an assortment of wheels, axleguards, and various detail bits, mostly in plastic. Their on-line catalog is partial--definitely request to receive the full catalog via mail. Yet another British firm (they're finally discovering the Internet!) Manufacturers of a line of white metal detail parts for rolling stock (wagon hinges, braces, undercarriage details, and such) and buildings (gutters and drainpipes, etc). I have no personal experience with their products, but have seen photos and reviews in several places--and they look great. Proprietor Geoff Munday must be a wizard. He lines out and detail-paints new locos, and the effect is nothing short of miraculous. If you plan to order a loco from Roundhouse, for example, he can arrange to collect it straight from the factory and finish it before shipping it off to you. His Web site shows many examples of his work. Even if a new loco isn't in your future, it's well worth a look just for the images. NEW LINK  An impressive collection of images and descriptions of narrow gauge railways in all scales and gauges, both outdoors and indoors.  Very inspirational. Devoted to funky little industrial locos, both steam and diesel. Fun! NEW.  More than the title indicates.  Lots of useful information about live steam locos, but also subjects such as ways to modify Accucraft's RUBY loco, and a page on pop-pop boats.  Rather than explain it all, I suggest you check it out. NEW.  A book retailer in the U.K. which specializes in books on railways of the world, engineering, mining history, and whatever else intrigues the proprietor.  Their catalog (not on-line at the moment, sadly) is a fascinating read.  If you can't find anything of interest in it, check your pulse.  They are not the only book dealers around, but I've dealt with them a number of times and have always received wonderful, prompt service. NEW  Control a Marklin HO railroad over the Internet.  You have to see this; it's actually kind of fun.

As for a few non-rail related links, some of my faves are:

The word of the day in Irish, for the aspiring Gaeilgeoir.
RTE's Irish-language radio service.  They broadcast live over the Web using Real Player (available through a link on the site) if you want to keep your ear for the language from getting too rusty.
For everything you need to know about the glamorous world of competitive rowing.

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