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My digital camera isn't a great movie camera, so don't expect Hollywood-quality footage, but I thought this might be fun--unless, of course, I use up my bandwidth allotment!  If this proves popular, I'll update this page from time to time with a new movie clip. 

03-06:  I'm looking into several different options that would allow me to digitize film clips shot on my camcorder economically and presumably with greater image quality.  Stay tuned for further developments.

First are two clips of Slieve Callan with my rake of WCR stock.  The first captures the train running east out of Lahinch.  The second shows the train running north of Rineen and starting up the grade towards Lahinch. 

Then a 640 Kb move of C&L "Lady Edith" with a goods train rolling through Lahinch station.  After that, a 420 Kb, 11 second clip of Lough Swilly "Aberfoyle" approaching Moyasta Junction with a mixed train.  Lastly, a 4.2 Mb movie of a trip around the railway at the back of a train of open wagons hauled by "Clifden,' the Merlin Mayflower.  Starting from Kilkee, the train runs over the planks up a slight grade to the raised beds, past Rineen, through the trees on the climb to Lahinch, then through the garden beds, past the abandoned halt, then diving behind the hedges to reappear on the approach to Moyasta and back to Kilkee.

03-06:  In the early spring when the roadbed is still in less than ideal condition, I tend to run my smaller generic engines because the Irish engines have trouble staying on the rails.  Below are two clips of my little IP Engineering JANE with a short passenger train.  IP no longer makes Jane, (basically a Mamod built properly) though a similar engine is now sold by PPS Steam Models in the UK.  These little engines are the epitomy of "cheap and cheerful" live steam.  When it's late in the day and I only have time for a quick steam fix, my Jane frequently gets the call.  She'll go for about twenty minutes on one fill of gas (with water topped off every four or five minutes) and will happily haul a long rake of short four wheeled wagons.

04-06:  The permanent way has been graded and smoothed out (more or less!) and my Irish engines have returned to the rails.  Below are new clips of
Aberfoyle running through the S-curves near Willbrook halt with a goods train and Lady Edith approaching Rineen halt from the direction of Lahinch.

  SlieveCallan01.wmv (470 Kb) SlieveCallan02.wmv (570Kb) LadyEdith.wmv (640Kb) Aberfoyle.wmv (420 Kb) Tour.wmv (4.2 Mb--broadband
connection highly recommended!)

Jane01.wmv (338Kb)
Jane02.wmv (413 Kb)
NEW Aberfoyle-April.wmv
(860 Kb)
NEW April-Lady.wmv
(760 Kb)

The videos above were taken at a resolution of 320 x 160 at 15 frames per second.  The videos below wer taken at a resolution of 640 x 480 at 10 fps as an experiment.  It's tradition on the WCGR to run a fall foliage special.  It's also traditional to miss the peak color and run amid piles of fallen leaves.  This year is no exception.  The video captures none of the fall color; it primarily shows how smoothly "Aberfoyle" runs.  The other two videos are of my Roundhouse Jack class "Percy" with a mixed train on an unusually warm November afternoon--after the leaves had been cleaned up.

Foliage1.wmv  (1.4Mb)
Percy01.wmv  (1.7 Mb)
Percy02.wmv  (2.0 Mb)


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