Fall Steamup 2004

These images were taken during the steamup I hosted on 25 September.  It was a beautiful early autumn day--perfect conditions for getting together with friends new and old and boiling a lot of water.
A much-modified Excelsior raises steam while my Jane cools down.  The Excelsior took several very nice runs during the day.
A scratch-built tram based on a Jensen steam engine raises steam.
The tram under way with a wagon carrying its fuel.  It runs very slowly but smoothly, and is fascinating to watch as it whirs along.
A modified Billy under way with a train of scratchbuilt wagons.  It also ran at a most appropriate narrow gauge (slow!) speed.
Billy in the loop at Lahinch....
making way for a gorgeous coal-fired TME VoR 2-6-2.  It was run brilliantly until its R/C batteries gave out.
It's quite a strong engine.  It handled this train effortlessly.  At times it seemed as though it would need a brick in one or two of the wagons to rein it in.
In the loop at Kilkee at the end of its run.
A delightful gas-fired Roundhouse Dylan runs through Rineen and past the giant Gnome na ghardin.
Slieve Callan took the last run of the day and handled a long goods train very nicely.